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Which is better for succulents and cacti: Gritty mix or soil?
You must ensure good drainage when you are choosing the potting mix. Once the sprouts reach a good size for potting, you should keep them moist.
But that's not all. Check out our article about how this succulent helps treat eczema.
You won't be disappointed by these 6 edible succulents. There are so many other uses and benefits of succulents besides just looking pretty.
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User: Top Aeonium Species List Secrets, Title: New Member, About: You need the correct substrate before you can sow or plant succulent seeds. CactusPlaza provides a vast selection of succulents. This is a crucial fac...
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Leaf and Clay subscribers will get this unique succulent with fast delivery of three organically-grown plants.
Your delivery will get processed automatically on the 7th of each month and delivered in the next 1 to 3 business.
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Sedum gregii is a succulent that forms cone-shaped rosettes at its base.
Sedum confusum, a small succulent shrub, forms rosettes with glossy dark green leaves at either the tip of the spreading or upright branches.

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